Direct Mail After a Miscarriage

Direct mail after a miscarriage can be painful.

I have gone through 2 miscarriages in the past year. Each one started as a very real pregnancy and with a new pregnancy comes the feeling of hope and excitement, maybe a little less with the second. Instead, the second comes with fear, anxiety, and worry. Nevertheless, one of the first things I did as soon as I saw those two pink lines appear on the pregnancy test was to download pregnancy tracking apps. I plugged in the dates of my last period as quickly as I could so I could see on my screen how big my baby was at that moment and so that I could determine when I should expect to finally become a mom. I wasn’t aware that there was someone else also closely following along with my dates right along with me, baby product retailers and manufacturers.

I can’t remember exactly what the first piece of mail was that arrived and given that my first loss was a late one at 17 weeks, I was probably excited and happy about the first outside acknowledgment of my pregnancy and I likely stashed away the coupon to use as we got closer to our due date. But, I distinctly remember after the loss coming home to find a large box waiting for me on one of the first good days I had had in months following the moment when my water broke and we ultimately went on to deliver a perfect, but too small, son. I was enraged. I had already gone through all of the apps I had downloaded and specifically selected that I had had a miscarriage, why hadn’t these companies also gotten the memo? The mailers continued through the following 5 months and even now, more than a year after our first loss I am still receiving direct mail after a miscarriage. Not only do they include samples, coupons, and other items that I’ll never have the chance to use, but they arrive with lovely messages like, “you’re almost there!”, and “welcome to toddlerhood.” Gee, thanks for reminding me that I should have a nearly one-year-old instead of a small bag of ashes that sit next to my bed.

So, what’s the process of unsubscribing from these mailers? It’s definitely not as easy as the unsubscribe button located at the bottom of email promotions. After digging through websites dedicated to women with living babies, I never found a link that would allow me to opt-out. Instead, I resorted to contacting the company directly with an email to a generic email address in hopes that someone would read it and get back with me.

At this point, I was over a year past my first loss and a good 7 months past my second. I was feeling strong again, maybe a little less emotional and I couldn’t help but think of the unnecessary pain and inconvenience this process would cause to women who were right in the thick of their own loss.

PostPardon was “born.”

You can do a simple google search to find blog posts and articles about this exact problem, but what was the solution? There wasn’t one. PostPardon is the unsubscribe for loss moms. A resource where a woman who is experiencing a miscarriage accompanied by intrusive marketing campaigns mistargeted toward her no longer growing belly. A woman can submit one single form to be opted-out of direct mail across a variety of different companies who use these tactics to increase their sales. In addition, they don’t have to wade through pregnancy 101 articles to find it. Instead, they’ll land here. A safe space for women who are experiencing one of the greatest losses, a loss of their child. We are looking to be an easy button for women going through a most difficult time, but we’re also here to provide support and resources that are so very much lacking.

I’ll sign off from my very first blog post for PostPardon as Chelsea, a fellow loss mom (x2) looking to make a difference for other loss moms who may be suffering from direct mail after a miscarriage.

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